Mood Boost Box

Hey, Beautiful! This month's MAI Box is a celebration of you! Packed with thoughtfully chosen delights, our aim is to sprinkle an extra dose of joy into your days. From mood-lifting treats to self-care treasures, each item is carefully curated to provide you with an instant mood boost. Unwrap the happiness within, savor the surprises, and let the positive energy flow. You deserve this moment of joy, and MAI Box is here to brighten your world. Get ready for a burst of delight tailored just for you!

Let's see your boxes! Be sure to tag us in your unboxing photos on social. You can use the hashtag #themaibox or simply tag us @themaibox!



Cognac Clutch

This clutch is perfect for a night out or for your everyday essentials.  

Retail: $6

 cognac clutch

Now, Later Eventually Notepad

Plan your tasks effortlessly with dedicated sections for immediate, future, and long-term goals. Elevate your self-care routine and boost productivity. 

Retail: $5



Aloe-Lujah Calming Facial Jelly

Indulge in the soothing embrace of the Nupore Aloe Face Jelly, a gentle and comforting treat for sensitive and dry skin. Enriched with the nourishing benefits of aloe vera leaf juice, this calming jelly alleviates skin discomfort, minimizes inflammation, and ensures all-day hydration. 

Retail: $3

face jelly  


Brunch Squad Coffee Mug

This ceramic coffee mug holds 14 oz of coffee or tea, perfect for your Saturday brunch plans. Be sure to hand wash. 


Retail: $10



Aegean Traditional Olive Oil Soap

Aegean provides handcrafted soap that deeply moisturizes skin and cleanses pores. Perfect for body and face.  

Retail: $3