About Us

I had the idea to create the MAI Box (pronounced “MY”)  during a pretty trying time in my life. I had a 2-year old, an infant, and I was separated from my husband. Total chaos was imploding and I really needed something for myself. That’s when I thought about all the other women who might be experiencing the same turmoils. 

Five years later, I am divorced, I’m an entrepreneur, and I work full-time. Oh, let’s add Kindergarten and 2nd-Grade teacher to the list. I am not okay even though I look like it. Everyday I find a way to push through to a positive outlook on the next day ahead.

I am that mom. The mom who doesn’t have it all together. I don’t have all the answers, and I’m definitely not doing it for the “gram.”  I make mistakes daily at home and at work. My kids remind me of how forgetful I am (insert smirk). At the same time, I am also the mom that doesn't allow mom-guilt to get in the way of a trip with my girlfriends or telling my kids to go find something to do in their room so that I can be alone.  I don’t feel bad for not feeling like I have to constantly entertain them. 

This brings me back to “My Why” behind MAI Box. It is our mission to provide Moms with an outlet of peace and comfort while also sending surprise gifts that will allow you to celebrate while working on yourself. Each box includes affirmations, books, or journals, along with carefully hand-picked gifts aimed to encourage you to make it across the next mile without forgetting about yourself.

You are not alone. MAI Box gets it, and so do I. I’m looking forward to joining you on this constant journey and learning from you as well. 

Lenora  😘
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