Pamper Me Box

Hey, Beautiful! Our day (Mother's Day) is quickly approaching. We should pamper ourselves not only on Mother's Day but every day because taking care of oneself is essential for maintaining physical and mental health. When we start prioritizing our self-care, we feel more energized, focused, and better equipped to handle the demands of motherhood. Don't you agree?

And guess what?! You're doing it! As we continue to show ourselves some love and kindness, remember we are setting a positive example for our little (or big) ones and teaching them the importance of self-care.

As always I hope you enjoy this box! Don't forget to leave a review and/or send us a picture!


Moisturizing Foot Mask

The foot mask moisturizing socks offers hydration and help nourish dry cracked feet making them a great addition to your foot care regimen. Nu-pore foot hydrating socks help keep your feet soft and moisturized giving you healthy pretty feet.

foot maks

'Mother Like No Other' Glass Mug

This is the cutest glass mug for your morning coffee or afternoon sip. 

mother like no other glass mug

Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

Treat yourself and your tools right! Deep clean your makeup brushes and remove buildup quick and easily with this silicone makeup brush cleaning mat. Cleaner brushes, cleaner skin!


makeup brush cleaner


Bath Infusion Tea Bags

Indulge and relax in a soothing tea bath filled with calming bath salts in a range of fresh and fruity fragrances. The tea bags are great for comforting tired muscles and refreshing an exhausting mind. 

tea bath

Scented Candle

Escape and lose yourself in the  scents of island pineapple, citrus verbena and lush coconut swirl with coastal blooms and shimmers of seaside greens. 

scented candle

Home Fragrance Sachet

Enjoy a soft scent in your car, drawers or clothes closet.