What's Inside Your Box?! September 2021

Shower Fizzy - Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Shower Fizzy

This shower fizzy smells so good! All you have to do is drop it at the bottom of your shower and the wetness will activate eucalyptus and spearmint essential oil. Take a deep breath in and let it all out, the steamier the better. 
Retail: $26

Relax Soothie Lollipop 

Relax lollipop

These delicious and soothing honey lollipops promote calmness & relaxation. Made with premium organic chamomile and passionflower extracts, these are for you and only you. Keep them by your bed at night or in your desk drawer.
Retail: $4.99

Maury’s Green

Green tea

Maury’s Green Glory is a smooth, invigorating blend of whole green leaf tea uniquely blended with sweet granulated honey promotes wellness and weight loss while invigorating your body, heart, and mind.
Retail: $9.99

Blinded by the light - Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light glasses

Get your digital eye strain relief with these trendy blue light glasses that were designed with your eye health and budget in mind. Blue light glasses are an excellent way to prevent further eye damage, like fatigued & dry eyes, while not giving up your sense of style.
Retail: $13.00


Refreshing Face Mask

Keep your face mask smelling fresh in between washes and/or during long term wear with this cherry blossom scented spray. To use, just spray 1-2 times on the outer side of your reusable cotton face mask. Sold exclusively in the MAI Box Shop!
Retail: $8.00


Seeds of Intention Cards 

Seeds of intention cards

This 42-pack of cards offers specific bite-sized intentions for everyday. 
Retail: $17.99